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Hi guys!

A while ago, there was an idea put forth, for X-Wing-era pups. People (including myself) had some reservations, and it just sort of -- petered out.

This time around, a couple of us have been discussing and are definitely doing it. Wedge, Tycho, Winter, and Iella are resetting to the comic book era (specifically to "The Phantom Affair," because "Rogue Leader" and "The Rebel Opposition" are the bad crack). I can only speak for myself for my reasons, but -- I've been flailing, personally, for what to do with mine, with only that Great Open Expanse of Nothing before them, followed shortly by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Doing the reset is a fantastic opportunity to play through canon that we all obviously love (or at least like, I'd hope, considering that we're playing characters from it!).

Logistically, there are eight comics to go through -- "The Phantom Affair," "Battleground Tatooine," "The Warrior Princess," "Requiem for a Rogue," "Blood and Honor," "Family Ties," "Masquerade," and "Mandatory Retirement." The books come after that, too, but that's getting a little ahead, I think; the comics are a goodly chunk of canon to work through. But the books are the eventual goal!

The goals of this post are:

1.) To give people notice that we're doing this, so that it's not just 'HELLO WHAT IS THIS' out of nowhere in the bar.
2.) To invite people to join us in the reset, if you would like to! It'll be a blast!
3.) To recruit people to app and join us! Mirax, Dllr, Nrin, Ibtisam, Avan and Feylis (shut up they are basically one person), Tavira, Soontir Fel ... There are a bunch of great comic era characters.
4.) To recruit people in general! We'll have lots of NPCs to handle, and if you have somebody you really like but don't want to app ... Just say the word!
5.) To make the request (and I am only speaking for Tycho and Iella here) that pups who don't do the reset, don't give away huge parts of the future. I will very happily work with anyone and everyone to avoid things like, oh, say, "YOU GET CAPTURED AND TORTURED BY YSANNE ISARD" or "YOU KILL YOUR HUSBAND OHSHIT" being said.
6.) And this is possibly the most important thing: if you're reading this and your character has an appearance in the X-Wing comics or books, no matter how small, we need to know several things.

A: Are you in or out on the reset?
B: If you are out, do you want to play your character in OOMs? (Example: I plan on playing Plourr in OOM's, though I'm not resetting her, and Isard for NPC OOM purposes.)
C: If you are out, and if you do not want to play your character in OOMs, is it okay that we NPC your character? It will only be as much as canon demands. The only time that we will NPC them is when they have lines, as per the comics.

In conclusion: this will be seriously fun to play with, and we'd love for you to join us (though if not, it's okay, seriously; no pressuring or angry faces here). Please check in, sound off, share any questions or comments, and answer questions A through C. Thanks!
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